by michelle (2009-01-12 20:47:03)

1 small apple
dried fruit mix
1 tsp mixed spice
fresh orange juice

Peel the apple and cut into small square. Put in a small amount of water and cook in the microwave for 2 minutes to soften.
Use 4 times as much of the dried fruit (I tend to use a mix of sultanas, currants and raisins with candied peel) as you have apple. Put into a bowl of hot water to rehydrate the fruit.
Add the apple and the spice to the fruit (once drained) and mix well . Squeeze the juice from one orange into the mix.
Stir well then microwave for 5 minutes.
To make the flavour of the spices mix better into the mincemeat you can leave it in the fridge overnight before making tarts.