Mince Pies and Custard

by michelle (2009-01-12 20:47:03)

2 grated apples
2 grated carrots
finely chopped walnut pieces
vegan margarine
mixed spice

To make the vegan mince meat for the pies combine 2  grated apples, 2 grated carrots, finely chopped walnuts (the same looking  quantity as apple), lemon juice from 1 lemon plus grated rind, Orange juice  from 1 orange plus grated rind, knob of vegan margarine, a generous handful  sultanas (you cannot have too many) and lots of mixed spices to taste. Leave  the ingredients in a covered bowl in the fridge for at least 24 hours for the flavours to come out. Use the pastry of your choice for the pies and place the mixture generously into each one.
These are delicious served  warm with custard which I make from a vegan custard powder and sweetened soya  milk or you can buy in the shops, and a large serving of vegan cream.