Almond Slices

by michelle (2009-01-12 20:47:03)

200g margarine
400g white self raising flour
50g ground almonds
2tsp almond essence
200ml soya milk
50g sugar (if desired)
raspberry jam
flaked almonds

Melt the margarine in the microwave and add to the sugar and mix well. Then add the flour, ground almonds and almond essence. Mix with your hands until it is the consistancy of fine breadcrumbs. Then add the soya milk and stir throughly.
Spread the mixture out onto a greased baking tray and place in a preheated oven (gas mark 7) for 15 minutes (the mixture will just be starting to change colour).
Take out of   the oven and spread throughly with raspberry jam. Then top with the flaked almonds. Put back into the oven for 5 minutes until the almonds start to brown.
Cut into thin slices and serve.